It All Started With A Thought

Element Beverage Company was founded by Devin Espadron in 2015 before he graduated from Saint Augustine High School in New Orleans, Louisiana. The thought of a beverage company came about when Devin was working in his dad’s body shop on a hot summer’s day drinking his grandmother’s lemonade. After looking at the vending machine his brother owned, he thought, “What if I can sell a drink in here?”

From The Kitchen To The Bottles

The name Element was created when Devin was sitting in chemistry class looking at the periodic table.  After mixing juices and playing with flavors, trying to not be an average lemonade company, he thought to just add a tweak of pineapple in the lemonade. The company started out its first deal with a restaurant in the French Market selling fresh pineapple lemonade in dispensers, which then led to other restaurants. Devin would wake up every morning to make fresh pineapple lemonade and deliver it to the various restaurants. After selling thousands of cups of pineapple lemonade in restaurants, the demand grew for bottled Element, which was needed to fully enter the beverage industry and to be a successful beverage company.

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